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387 Women’s sexuality post gynaecological cancer treatment at groote schuur hospital: a qualitative, descriptive study using a comprehensive framework
  1. S Pitcher,
  2. N Fakie,
  3. T Adams,
  4. L van Wijk,
  5. R Saidu,
  6. L Denny and
  7. J Moodley
  1. UCT/SAMRC Gynaecological Cancer Research Centre, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cape Town, South Africa


Objectives This study aimed to investigate women’s experiences of their sexuality post gynaecological cancer treatment by using a comprehensive framework of sexuality, and, to understand how their sexual health needs can best be addressed as part of cancer care.

Methods The study made use of a qualitative descriptive design. Participants were recruited through purposive sampling at follow-up clinics within Groote Schuur Hospital’s Gynae-Oncology Unit. The final sample consisted of 35 women aged 29–35. All women had been diagnosed with one or more gynaecological cancer and treated with either surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or a combination of these. Data was collected using semi-structured, in-depth individual interviews in participants’ home language. Pile sorting was used within the interviews to facilitator discussion about difficult topics. The data was analysed using thematic analysis.

Results The results are expected to provide thorough insight into women’s sexual functioning and psycho-sexual well-being post treatment and how this affects their lives and relationships.

Conclusions Such information can help develop support programs to improve patients’ quality of life post treatment. Furthermore, this research expands the qualitative literature relating to gynaecological cancers in South Africa.

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