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351 A new scoring system for colposcopy for detection cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 2+
  1. V Villoslada Terrones1,2,
  2. C Acosta Cortez3,
  3. B Fora Chura4 and
  4. M Alvarez Larraondo1
  1. 1National institute of neoplastic diseases- Lima- Perú, Gynecological Surgery, Lima, Peru
  2. 2National University of Cajamarca, Data analyst- visiting professor and researcher of the School of Human Medicine, Cajamarca, Peru
  3. 3National University Agraria la Molina, statistic, lima, Peru
  4. 4Hipolito Unanue Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tacna, Peru


Objectives To construct scoring for colposcopic examination that can better prediction for detection CIN 2+.

Methods Six hundred and fifty patients referred for colposcopy were examined. Four variables were scored: acetowhiteness, borders, vessels, and staining time from the regression coefficients. Finally, the respective roc curves were graphed and choose the best. Hypothesis testing is done to see which curve is the best.

Results The score is summarized in table 1. The analysis showed good sensitivity and specificity see table 2. The replacement of values by the coefficients have a more useful and simple. To choose the best score, AUC graphs were made comparing the different scores graph 1.

Abstract 351 Table 1

Scores used

Abstract 351 Tabla 2

Parameters of AUC

Abstract 351 Figure 1

AUC Score Total vs Aceto whitness plus borders

Conclusions Scoring needs two variables (Acetowhiteness plus borders), the best cutoff point is 7 with a Se 95%, Es 87%, PPV 94%, NPV 88%

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