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349 Prevalence of polyps and endometrial cancer in a public hospital in brazil
  1. L Resende
  1. Hospital de Base – DF, Gynecology Oncology, Brasilia, Brazil


Objectives Classify the epidemiological profile of patients with endometrial pathologies treated in a public hospital in Brazil.

Methods During two years patients with endometrial pathologies were referred to the gynecologic oncology clinic of a public hospital in Brasilia - DF, Brazil. Patients were referred by presenting: endometrial thickening, bleeding in postmenopausal period, abnormal bleeding, and completed a clinical and epidemiological questionnaire. During the examination was drawn sample for biopsy when any abnormality was found.

Results 216 patients were selected e undergone to hysteroscopic exam.60 (27.8%) had visible changes and underwent biopsy. The specimens were classified according to WHO guidelines and found: 26 (43,2%) polyps; 4 (6,7%) submucosal myoma; 12 (20%) simple hyperplasia; 4 (6,7%) simple atypical hyperplasia; 6 (10%) complex hyperplasia; 4 (6,7%) complex atypical hyperplasia and 4 (6,7%) adenocarcinoma. Mean age 52,3 years; BMI 27,7 kg/m2; mean range thickness 14,1 mm. 4 cases of adenocarcinoma with endometrial thickened above the average.

Conclusions Endometrial cancer is more prevalent in older women, in particular, over 50 years, which makes worse the picture is even more to know that the life expectancy of the Brazilian increased, significantly in recent decades. Among women it raises from 69.8 years in 1991 to 78.3 years in 2012, almost 10 years. The availability in the public service of a greater number of hysteroscopy devices associated with endometrial biopsies could increase the number of patients diagnosed with endometrial cancer in women with symptoms or oligosymptomatic and, therefore, treatment in the initial phase of the disease presents better average survival results.

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