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332 Antidepressant (AD) use in ovarian cancer patients (OC) in the past 26 years at the american university of beirut medical center (AUBMC)
  1. M Seoud1,
  2. R Abdallah1,
  3. C Dagher1,
  4. I Jaafar1,
  5. W Shamseddine2 and
  6. N Jaafar1
  1. 1American University of Beirut Medical Center, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Beirut, Lebanon
  2. 2American University of Beirut Medical Center, Psychiatry, Beirut, Lebanon


Objectives To assess the prevalence of antidepressant (AD) use and the factors affecting it in OC patients at AUBMC between the years 1992–2018.

Methods A Retrospective review of patients with OC stages I-IV cared for in AUBMC between 1992–2018, with focus on antidepressant use and the factors affecting it.

Results A total number of 330 subjects were enrolled in this study. Prevalence of antidepressant use is 11.8%. Anxiolytics were prescribed in 42.8% of cases. 20.3% of patients on anxiolytics were on AD as well (P-value<0.001).

AD use was significantly higher among the advanced ovarian cancer patients (IIIC:37%,IV=39%) versus early stages (IA-IIIB=25%).

23.4% of diabetic patients versus 9.8% of non-diabetic patients were on AD (P-value=0.021), 26% of smokers versus 9% of non smokers (p=0.006), 28% of Dyslipidemics versus 8.7% of non-dyslipidemics (P-value<0.001), and 22.9% employed patients versus 11.3% of unemployed ones (Pvalue=0.057) were on AD.

Antidepressant prescription was found to be significantly correlating with having dyslipidemia (OD=7.3, P-value<0.001), being on anxiolytics (OD=6.9, P-value<0.001), having an advanced FIGO stage(OD=3.7, P-value<0.001), and being employed (OD=3.66, P-value=0.02) (table 1).

Abstract 332 Table 1

Predictive Model among patients with OC on AD

Conclusions Depression among ovarian cancer patients is underestimated or not properly screened and treated. Advanced FIGO stage, being employed, dysplipidemic and anxiolytic are significant predictors for AD use.

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