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331 Preoperative nutritional status assessed by ct scan in patients with newly-diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer: a prospective study
  1. G Scaletta1,
  2. L Quagliozzi1,
  3. R Ergasti1,
  4. MC Mele2,
  5. E Rinninella2,
  6. M Cintoni3,
  7. A Gasbarrini2,
  8. R Manfredi4,
  9. M Dezio4,
  10. G Scambia1 and
  11. A Fagotti1
  1. 1Fondazione Policlinico Agostino Gemelli IRCSS, Gynecology Oncology Unit- Women Wealth Area- Department of Woman and Child and Public Health, Rome, Italy
  2. 2Fondazione Policlinico Agostino Gemelli IRCSS, UOC di Nutrizione Clinica- Dipartimento di Scienze Gastroenterologiche- Endocrino-Metaboliche e Nefro-Urologiche, Rome, Italy
  3. 3Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Scuola di Specializzazione in Scienza dell’Alimentazione, Rome, Italy
  4. 4Fondazione Policlinico Agostino Gemelli IRCSS, Dipartimento di Diagnostica per Immagini- Radioterapia Oncologica ed Ematologia, Rome, Italy


Objectives To evaluate the correlation between sarcopenia and operative/peri-operative outcomes in patients receiving primary debulking surgery (PDS) for newly-diagnosed advanced epithelial ovarian cancer (AEOC).

Methods All consecutive patiens affected by AEOC and submitted to PDS in our Institution were considered eligible. Total skeletal muscle surface (SKS) area was used as expression of sarcopenia and measured on axial computed tomography at the level of the third lumbar vertebra. Cox-regression and Kaplan-Meier analysis were used to analyse the relationship between sarcopenia and residual tumor. The effect of sarcopenia on the development of major surgical complications was studied with logistic regression.

Results From October 2018 and March 2019 121 patients were enrolled. Median values of SKS area were significantly lower in patients with RT> vs. =0. After multivariable analysis, sarcopenia resulted as an independent predictor of residual disease.

Conclusions Sarcopenia is an independent predictor of residual disease and peri-operative complications at the time of upfront cytoreduction for AEOC.

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