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307 Analysis of TH17 cells in ovarian cancer in terms of their clinical significance
  1. J Kotarski,
  2. M Bilska,
  3. B Barczyński,
  4. R Tarkowski,
  5. A Pawłowska,
  6. D Suszczyk and
  7. I Wertel
  1. Medical University of Lublin, 1 st Department of Oncological Gynecology and Gynecology, Lublin, Poland


Objectives The aim of the study was evaluation of Th17 cells in patients with different clinicalmanifestation of ovarian cancer (OC) in three environment: peripheral blood (PB),peritoneal fluid (PF) and tissue (TT), and establish their role in OC pathogenesis.

Methods The study included 59 patients with OC, 35 women with benign ovarian tumors and10 healthy donors. The percentage of Th17 cells was analyzed by flowcytometry.Th17 cells were analyzed as percentage of CD4 + with intracellularexpression of IL-17A.

Results The highest percentage of Th17 cells was detected among tumor infiltrating CD4 +lymphocytes and it was significantly higher (p=0.001) than in PB. The percentage ofTh17 cells in both, PB and PF of patients with OC was lower (p<0.0001) than inbenign tumors group. There was no significant differences in the percentage of Th17cells in PB, PF and TT in relation to FIGO stages, histopathological grading, Kurmanand Shih’s type. There was no relationship between the percentage of Th17 cells inPB, PF, TT and patients survival.

Conclusions 1. There are differences in the percentage and distribution of Th17 cells in thePB, PF and tumor tissue of OC patients.2. Lower percentage of Th17 cells in the PB and PF of OC patients incomparison to benign tumors may promote evade host immune responseby cancer cells.3. There were no significant differences in the percentage of Th17 cells in OCpatients depending on FIGO stage, histological grade, Kurman and Shih’stype and five-years survival rate of patients.

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