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276 Malondialdehyde and VEGF are serologic prognostic factors and predict resistance to platinum salts
  1. R Anghel and
  2. O Trifanescu
  1. Alexandru Trestioreanu Bucharest Institute of Oncology, Radiotherapy II, Bucharest, Romania


Objectives Introduction: Ovarian cancer is worldwide the second cause of gynaecological cancer but the commonest cause of gynaecological cancer-associated death. The aims of this study were to determine new serologic prognostic factors and predictive factors for platinum response.

Methods Forty-five patients diagnosed with epithelial ovarian carcinoma stage II-IV between 2010 and 2018, who underwent multimodality treatment (surgery and chemotherapy) were included in the study. Malondialdehyde, a final product of lipid peroxidation as a marker of oxidative stress and VEGF as a marker of angiogenesis were determine before each cycle of chemotherap.

Results There was an increase in the value of lipid peroxidation, malondialdehyde mean value was 8.2 μmol/100 mL (normal value 4 μmol/100 mL). Malondialdehyde was a prognostic value, elevated levels more than 8 μmol/100 mL were associated with a smaller progression free survival, (HR=2.904, 95% CI 2.2–3.8, p=0.0001) Malondialdehyde predicted resistance to platinum salts and the cutt-of value with 80% sensibility was 7.7 μmol/100 mL. VEGF levels were elevated too, mean levels were 1020 pg/mL, normal values <750 pg/mL. There was a strong correlation between malondialdehyde and VEGF (Pearson correlation coefficient was 0.38, p=0.03. VEGF had a prognostic role, patients with elevated VEGF levels had a significant lower progression free survival (HR=2.6, 95% CI 1.7–3.9, p=0.001). VEGF elevated levels correctlly predicted platinum resistance and the cut-off value with 80% sensibility and specificity was 1085 pg/mL.

Conclusions VEGF and malondialdehyde can be used as prognostic factors and can predict platinum resistance.

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