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250 The role of chronic recurrent bacterial vaginosis in the cervical precancer progression and development
  1. V Artyomenko1 and
  2. N Nastradina1,2
  1. 1Odessa National Medical University, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Odessa, Ukraine
  2. 2Maternity Hospital № 5, Cervical Pathology Unit, Odessa, Ukraine


Objectives Our goal was to study bacterial vaginosis influence on cervical precancer diseases progress prognosis.

Methods During our research, we examined 100 sexually active women 25–35 years old (29,1±1.25) with precancer cervical lesions and chronic recurrent bacterial vaginosis who were separated in two groups according to cervical human papillomavirus (HPV) infection presence. We used liquid PAPP test, PCR, tissue biopsy histology, proliferation cells proteins lab tests.

Results 50 women of group I with 100% HPV highly oncogenic types showed: PAP test – ASCUS – 36 women (72%), LSIL – 7(14%), HSIL – 7(14%); HPV of 16–18 types – 39 women (78%); the histology verified HSIL – in all 50 women (100%), of which CIN II – 21(42%), CIN II-III - 22(44%), CIN III – 18 patients (36%); p16 protein was determined in specimens of 36 women (72%), Ki-67 protein - in 23 samples (46%). From group II of 50 women with HPV absence we revealed: NILM - in 10 women (20%), ASCUS - in 24(48%), LSIL - in 16 patients (32%); the histology showed parakeratosis, acanthosis – in 34 patients (68%), LSIL (CINI) – in 16 samples (32%).

Conclusions Chronic recurrent bacterial vaginosis leads to the toxic nitrosamines release, which causes the epithelial cells neogenesis generation, leads to cellular immunity decrease and favorable conditions for the HPV more advanced stage of CIN II-III development. p16 and Ki-67 proteins determine the dysplasia genesis and disease prognosis. We consider that chronic recurrent bacterial vaginosis timely treatment is obligable in precancer cervix uterine diseases progression prevention.

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