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249 Endometrial hyperplastic processes: correlation between proliferation and cell apoptosis
  1. Z Chumak1,2,
  2. A Zelinsky2,
  3. V Artyomenko2 and
  4. N Shapoval2
  1. 1Odessa City Climacteric Centre, Odessa, Ukraine
  2. 2Odessa National Medical University, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Odessa, Ukraine


Objectives The investigation of proliferation markers expression Кі67 and apoptosis p53, bcl-2 in endometrial hyperplastic processes (EHP).

Methods Data of 66 women endometrial tissue samples (mean age 47,3±4,5 years) were investigated: 52 with EHP and 14 healthy biphasic. According to proliferative processes differentiation 5 groups were obtained: 1 - simple hyperplasia without atypical cells-11 women; II - complex hyperplasia without atypical cells-18; III - simple hyperplasia with atypical cells-10; IV - complex hyperplasia with atypical cells -13 patients; V - control group morphologically unchanged endometrium-14. Immune hystochemical reactions with antibodies to Кі67, bcl-2, p53 (DAKO-Germany) were used.

Results Кі67 expression was increased along with hyperplasic process progression: relatively low proliferative activity was in I group both in epithelial and stromal cells (6,34±1,31% and 1,05±0,43% respectively). In II, III and IV groups proliferative activity was raising. Кі67 expression in EHP was extremely focal. p53 expression was absent in I and V group, appeared in II group (8,35±1,34% and 2,34±1,09%) with maximum in IV group (56,6±4,08% and 27,94±2,31%) in both epithelial and stromal cells respectively. bcl-2 witnessed expression changes: EPH type and stage according to color distribution and intensity from groupII (5,6% strong staining(+++), 16,7% - moderate(++), 50,0% - weak(+), staining absence - 27,7% - (0)) to IV (26,7% - strong(+++), 40,0% - moderate(++), 13,3% - weak(+), 20,0% - absence(0)).

Conclusions In EHP the immune hystochemical markers according to morphological changes sequence were observed. Mitotic activity increase is going along with apoptosis activation. Cells’ death programmed processes disorders could be oncological prognosis predictors at EHP.

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