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Oncological outcome of surgical management in patients with recurrent uterine cancer—a multicenter retrospective cohort study—CEEGOG EX01 Trial


Objectives To assess the survival of patients who have received an operation for recurrent cervical and endometrial cancer and to determine prognostic variables for improved oncologic outcome.

Methods A retrospective multicenter analysis of the medical records of 518 patients with cervical (N = 288) or endometrial cancer (N = 230) who underwent surgery for disease recurrence and who had completed at least 1 year of follow-up.

Results The median survival reached 57 months for patients with cervical cancer and 113 months for patients with endometrial cancer after surgical treatment of recurrence (p = 0.036). Histological sub-type had a significant impact on overall survival, with the best outcome in endometrial endometrioid cancer (121 months), followed by cervical squamous cell carcinoma, cervical adenocarcinoma, or other types of endometrial cancer (81 vs 35 vs 35 months; p<0.001). The site of recurrence did not significantly influence survival in cervical or in endometrial cancer. Cancer stage at first diagnosis, tumor grade, lymph node status at recurrence, progression-free interval after first diagnosis, and free resection margins were associated with improved overall survival on univariate analysis. On multivariate analysis, the stage at first diagnosis and resection margins were significant independent predictive parameters of an improved oncologic outcome.

Conclusion Long-term survival can be achieved via secondary cytoreductive surgery in selected patients with recurrent cervical and endometrial cancer. An excellent outcome is possible even if the recurrence site is located in the lymph nodes. The possibility of achieving complete resection should be the main criterion for patient selection.

  • uterine cancer
  • secondary cytoreductive surgery

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