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Adherence to Guidelines in Gynecologic Cancer Surgery
  1. Martine Delannes, MD,
  2. Gwenael Ferron, MD*,
  3. Alejandra Martinez, MD*,
  4. Laurence Gladieff, MD,
  5. Eliane Mery, MD,
  6. Isabelle David, MD§,
  7. Marion Montastruc, MD,
  8. Gisèle Balagué, MD,
  9. Laetitia Picaud, MD* and
  10. Denis Querleu, MD, PhD*
  1. *Department of Surgical Oncology;
  2. Department of Medical Oncology;
  3. Department of Surgical Pathology;
  4. §Department of Radiation Therapy; and
  5. Department of Radiology, Institut Claudius Regaud, Toulouse, France.
  1. Address correspondence and reprint requests to Gwenael Ferron, MD, Department of Surgical Oncology, Institut Claudius Regaud Cancer Center, 20–24 rue du Pont Saint Pierre, 31052 Toulouse - France. E-mail:


Abstract The purpose of this study is to review the available evidence documenting the prognostic role of adherence to guidelines in gynecologic cancers. A systematic review of the PubMed database using “guideline,” “adherence,” and “cancer” was carried out on February 25, 2014. Two thousand one hundred twenty-three publications were identified. Only publications addressing the question of adherence to recommendations regarding surgical care and multidisciplinary management of gynecologic cancers were selected. Six studies were identified in endometrial cancer, 4 in ovarian cancer, and none in cervical cancer. Adoption of guidelines is an effective tool for disease control and must consequently be considered as a process measure of quality cancer care. It is urgent to develop reliable and reproducible tools to assess adherence to guidelines based on level 1 evidence in gynecologic cancer then to carry out investigations to document the prognostic impact of compliance with guidelines. The time has come to include adherence to guidelines in quality assurance programs.

  • Gynecologic cancer
  • Surgery
  • Guidelines
  • Adherence
  • Recommandations

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