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Psychosexual functioning after treatment for gynecological cancer: an integrative model, review of determinant factors and clinical guidelines
  2. H. B.M. VAN DE WIEL,
  3. D. E.E. HAHN and
  4. J. BOUMA*
  1. *Departments of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  2. Medical Psychology, University Hospital, Groningen, The Netherlands
  3. Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University of Amsterdam/Department of Psychosocial Research and Epidemiology, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  1. Address for correspondence: Dr W.C.M. Weijmar Schultz, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University Hospital Groningen, Oostersingel 59, 9713 EZ Groningen, The Netherlands.


This review summarizes investigations dealing with the sexual functioning of women with gynecological cancer. A critical review of methods of investigation and results is presented and an outline for future research. The literature review is preceded by a short theoretical introduction on cancer and sexual behavior relevant to the conceptualization and assessment of sexual functioning under these circumstances. The review is concluded by some guidelines to help patients and partners cope with sexual problems after treatment of gynecological cancer.

  • coping
  • gynecological cancer
  • sexual assessment
  • sexual functioning

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