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Carcinoma of the cervix—recurrences in Queensland 1982–1986
  1. A. Cary*,
  2. K. E. Free,
  3. R. G. Wright and
  4. P. W. Shield
  1. * Department of Gynaecology, Gold Coast Hospital, Southport, Queensland;
  2. Department of Gynaecologic Oncology, Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland; and
  3. Department of Pathology, Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1. Address for correspondence: K.E. Free, Department of Gynaecologic Oncology, Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


A retrospective study of recurrent cancer of the cervix was carried out on patients who attended the Gynaecologic Oncology Unit, Royal Brisbane Hospital, between the years 1982 and 1986. Ninety-four recurrences were assessed out of 526 patients (17.7%). The likely recurrence was related to stage. Sixty-seven percent had pelvic recurrences with 33% recurring in extrapelvic sites alone. The most common site of tumor recurrence was central pelvis (47%). Histopathology recurrences were analyzed and recurrence was found to be more common with the rare tumor types. Mortality of recurrent carcinoma of the cervix is high. Multivariate analysis shows lymph node metastases and histologic status of resection margins to be independent variables predictive of recurrence. Lymphvascular space involvement has not been an independent variable after adjusting for nodes and margins. Cytology of vaginal vault or residual cervix smear shows that 58% of patients with central recurrence had an abnormal smear. The relative literature was discussed in relation to the findings of our unit.

  • cervical cancer
  • cytology
  • histology
  • mortality
  • recurrence
  • stage.

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