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An unusual case of primary fallopian tube carcinoma in pregnancy
  1. S. Batra,
  2. M. Singh and
  3. J. S. Wynn
  1. Wythen shawe Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom


Fallopian tube carcinoma is the rarest of all female genital tract malignancies. It usually occurs in postmenopausal women and is associated with infertility. We present the first reported case of it occuring as a primary tumor in a young primigravida. It presented as a large, rapidly growing adnexal mass at 9 weeks of gestation which was removed and found to be a papillary serous carcinoma of the fallopian tube. The patient continued the pregnancy to term and delivered a live healthy infant by ventouse. A staging laparotomy in the postnatal period showed no spread of tumor, and in view of her age and desire for furthur pregnancies, her uterus and other ovary and tube were conserved. She remains tumor free 2 years following detection. We discuss the incidence, progress, management, and survival rates of this rare gynecological malignancy.

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