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The problem of accurate initial diagnosis of Bartholin's gland carcinoma resulting in delayed treatment and aggressive course of the disease
  1. D. Wydra,
  2. D. Klasa-Mazurkiewicz,
  3. J. Emerich and
  4. T. Milczek
  1. Department of Gynecology, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland
  1. Address correspondence and reprint request to: Dariusz Wydra, MD, PhD, Department of Gynecology, Medical University, ul. Kliniczna 1 A, Gdansk 80-402, Poland. Email: dwydra{at}


Carcinoma of the Bartholin's gland is a rare lesion accounting for only 5% of all vulvar cancers. Initial diagnosis of Bartholin's gland cancer (BGC) and recurrence after primary radical surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy poses a challenge in the treatment of BGC. This case report presents a particularly aggressive course of BGC. Spontaneous rupture of the femoral artery in the postoperative period was observed. The length of the survival period from the moment of diagnosis amounted to less than 16 months. Aspects of initial diagnosis problem and treatment options in groin recurrence of vulvar carcinoma and vascular complications are discussed.

  • Bartholin's gland carcinoma
  • recurrence
  • rupture of femoral artery

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