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Hepatoid carcinoma of the ovary: immunohistochemical finding of one case and literature review
  1. S. YİĞİT*,
  2. M. A. Uyaroğlu*,
  3. Z. Kuş*,
  4. N. Ekinci* and
  1. * Pathology Laboratory, İzmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, Izmir, Turkey
  2. 2nd Gynecology–Obstetric Clinic, İzmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, Izmir, Turkey
  1. Address correspondence and reprint request to: Mehmet A. Uyaroğlu, M.D., 229/2 sokak No:4 B Blok D: 17 Bornova, İzmir, Turkey, 35040. Email: mehmetaliuya{at}


Hepatoid carcinoma is a rare ovarian tumor and is thought to be a histopathologic subtype different from hepatoid type yolk sac tumor based on its pathologic features. A 63-year-old woman who had postmenopausal bleeding and lower abdominal pain was found to have right ovarian mass on pelvic examination and computed tomography. She had high serum levels of alpha fetoprotein (AFP) and CA125. Histologically, the tumor resembled hepatocellular carcinoma by architectural and cytologic features. Immunohistochemically tumor cells were immunoreactive for AFP, alpha 1 antitrypsin, and carcinoembryonic antigens.

  • alpha fetoprotein
  • hepatoid carcinoma
  • ovarian carcinoma

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