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Paraovarian tumor of borderline malignancy – a case report
  1. A. L. F. A. De Areia,
  2. C. Frutuoso,
  3. N. Amaral,
  4. I. Dias and
  5. C. De Oliveira
  1. Gynecology Department, Coimbra University Hospital, Portugal
  1. Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Ana Luisa Fialho Amaral De Areia, Quinta De Voimarães, Lote 15–3° Dto, 3000–377 Coimbra, Portugal. Email: ana.areia{at}


A case of a 23-year-old woman with a paraovarian tumor is presented. The patient complained of pelvic pain and abdominal swelling. Cystectomy was the initial surgical treatment, but after the histological diagnosis, a staging surgery was carried out. The clinical aspects and subsequent management of related cases are discussed, and a literature review is made.

  • borderline malignancy
  • paraovarian tumors
  • staging laparotomy

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