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Extragenital müllerian carcinosarcoma arising from the peritoneum: report of two cases
  1. V. P. Sumathi*,
  2. M. Murnaghan,
  3. S. P. Dobbs and
  4. W. G. Mccluggage*
  1. * Department of Pathology, Royal Group of Hospitals Trust, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  2. Department of Gynaecological Oncology, Belfast City Hospital Trust, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  1. Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Dr. WG McCluggage, Department of Pathology, Royal Group of Hospitals Trust, Grosvenor Road, BELFAST BT12 6BL, Northern Ireland. Email: glenn.mccluggage{at}


Müllerian carcinosarcomas occurring outside the female genital tract are extremely rare but occasionally they may arise from the peritoneum as part of the secondary müllerian system. This report describes two cases of extragenital müllerian carcinosarcoma with heterologous elements in the form of malignant cartilage. We wish to highlight the fact that these aggressive neoplasms may occasionally have a peritoneal origin, similar to primary peritoneal serous carcinomas.

  • carcinosarcoma
  • müllerian
  • peritoneum

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