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Limb sparing surgery for vulvar groin recurrence: A case report and review of the literature
  1. B.-U. Sevin,
  2. B. Abendstein,
  3. W. A. Oldenburg,
  4. M. O'Connor,
  5. J. Waldorf,
  6. J. P. Klingler and
  7. M. J. Knudsen
  1. Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida
  1. Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Bernd-Uwe Sevin, MD, PhD, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mayo Clinic, 4500 San Pablo Road, Jacksonville, FL 32224.


Hemipelvectomy was successfully avoided in a patient with extensive necrotic groin recurrence of vulvar cancer after prior radiation therapy. Tumor-free resection margins were achieved by wide excision of the recurrence including resection of the pubic bone and adjacent muscles. After resection of the femoral artery, blood supply to the leg was restored by an extra-anatomic axillopopliteal bypass. A myocutaneous flap from the contralateral rectus abdominis was used for primary wound closure. Limb salvage was achieved and the patient experienced pain relief, excellent cosmesis, and independent gait. Aspects of treatment options, even though primarily palliative, in groin recurrence of vulvar carcinoma are discussed.

  • axillopopliteal artery bypass
  • groin recurrence
  • limb sparing surgery
  • myocutaneous flap
  • squamous cell carcinoma of vulva

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