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The morphology and distribution of lymph node metastases in stage IB/IIA cervical carcinoma: relationship to prognosis
  1. R. J. Hale*,
  2. C. H. Buckley*,
  3. H. Fox*,
  4. F. L. Wilcox,
  5. V. R. Tindall and
  6. J. P. Logue§
  1. *Departments of Reproductive Pathology
  2. Obstetrics and Gynaecology, St Mary's Hospital, Manchester
  3. Department of Obstetricsand Gynaecology, Royal Victoria Hospital, Blackpool
  4. §Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology, Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute, Manchester, UK
  1. Address for correspondence: R.J. Hale, Department of Histopathology, St Mary's Hospital, Manchester, MI3 OJH, UK.


In this study 49 cases of stage IB/IIA cervical carcinoma with nodal metastases treated by Wertheim's hysterectomy have been examined. Note was made of the number of nodal metastases found, the site of the highest involved node and the pattern and extent of nodal infiltration. None of these parameters showed any significant effect on prognosis.

These results suggest that in patients treated surgically for cervical carcinoma every lymph node should be thoroughly examined for the presence of metastatic tumor and where this is found, no matter how minimal, adjuvant therapy should be considered.

  • cervical carcinoma
  • lymph node metastases
  • prognosis

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