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The ‘failure free interval’ defines the likelihood of resistance to carboplatin in patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer previously treated with cisplatin: relevance to therapy and new drug testing
  1. P. J. HOSKINS,
  2. S. E O'REILLY and
  1. British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver Clinic, 600 W. 10th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V5Z 4E6
  1. Address for correspondence: P.J. Hoskins, B. C. Cancer Agency, Vancouver Clinic, 600 W.10th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V5Z 4E6.


An earlier phase II trial of second-line carboplatin in patients (n= 46) with epithelial ovarian carcinoma previously treated with cisplatin was re-analyzed using the period from initial diagnosis to the first evidence of progression (the ‘failure free interval’) as a predictor of the probability of response to carboplatin. The rationale was to try to improve our ability to define resistant patients. No responses were seen if the failure free interval was less than 24 months (0/32) whilst 63% (9/14) responded if it was more than 24 months (6 complete and 3 partial responses).

  • cisplatin resistance
  • failure free interval

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